Why My Ankle Inflammation Sucks?

It sucks for many reasons.

Loosing Fittness

For every bike rider, the season starts around October. We start the preparation period around early or mid October. I thought I was going to race this year, so I started a very strict training plan.

Fittness Dropping

The real training would started from 14th of February. Well I had no chance. As you can see on the graph, my fittness is going sharply down. Although my form is pretty good, but currently I’m at the same level as I was in November. No good.

Can’t Let Out Some Steam

For me, riding is indispensable. I’m working from home, and I rarely go outside. There is no daily contact with anyone. I need to ride 1-3 hours a day to let out the steam, otherwise I’m frustrated and unhappy.

Just you, your bike and the nature. I try to ride on roads with no traffic at all. I really miss it.

Can’t Play With My Son

My son is 17 months old and loves to move around the house. Fortunately he’s pretty adaptive and he’s playing next to me on the couch, but this is not what he deserves.


So What’s Happening Now?

A month has passed away and I finally I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I went to see a doctor on Saturday, so he finally did some X-Rays and told me that there is nothing serious. He prescribed another NSAID. I have to put a little more weight on it every day and do some excercises while taking the NSAIDs.

Let’s hope for the bests.